The Buddha in the Bear (1998)
- A one-act play about a single woman and her mentally-challenged son working for a panda researcher.
- First Prize and produced by The Albany Civic Theatre Playwrights Festival, the Albany Civic Theatre, Albany, New York .

Monkey Wrestling (1997)
- 10-minute play about the perils of trying to stop smoking.
- Produced, 10-Minute Play Festival, The Source Theatre, Washington, DC.

Skyline Symphony (1995)
- A full-length play about a middle-aged woman dealing with breast cancer and a sniper on the roof top of her Manhattan apartment building.
- First Prize and produced, the Coe College Playwrighting Festival, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Me and Bobby Lee (1993)
- A one-man, full-length play about General George Armstrong Custer and how he envied General Robert E. Lee
- Grand Prize and produced at The Great Platte River Playwrights Festival, University of Nebraska